Chapter 5 and the Battle of Ustron

It’s been a million years since there’s been a post on this site by the team but as chapter 5 is now under way, a month after the release of chapter 4, now is as good a time as any to write up a new article.

The latest chapter in Tarus Space is tentatively being called Battle of Ustron because, well, it’s about a battle near a fictional city known as Ustron. Each chapter has been primarily about each character in turn: Chapter 2 Alpine Marmot Down was about Captain Short Straw, Chapter 3 Kingdom of Kolce was about Major Valeriya and Chapter 4 Guns of Modlin was about Sergeant Brown Pants. This time, the focus is on Sergeant Tashy, the cigar smoking, vodka drinking heavy weapons specialist of the four protagonists.

This chapter is going to be more visually focused as Tashy is meant to be a more silent character. A contemplative philosopher with an uncaring attitude to war, violence and the ideals of the Commonwealth. Being a tough character, actions are more important to her than words.

Anyway, just a quick little update about Chapter 5!